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Strategic Entertainment

We build relations

Strategic Entertainment is entertainment with a purpose. Our purpose is to build relations, and make employees reflect upon their work life, while they are surprised and laughing.


We create humorous and absurd, yet credible, setups right in front of the baffled employees.


We use fictive characters to send people on a humorous and emotional journey. The participants believe, our characters are involuntarily funny and can’t help laughing, but slowly it becomes clear to the participants, that it all has been staged and they have been part of an extremely entertaining setup.


Typically our characters blend in during the seminar, the teambuilding day or the event.  As business consultants, teambuilders, executives or even the new CEO of the company.


We are known for our universal and visual humour that fits an international audience as well as a Danish one. And of course we perform in English if requested.


The employees

Get a unique humorous experience that takes them somewhat out of their comfort zone


Strengthens their internal relations


Laugh together, which brings them closer to each other.


The (secret) experience contributes to improved communication, cooperation and trust amongst the team


Gets to work with relevant themes in a new, humorous and rather untraditional way


Experiences an internal storytelling that adds to the story of the company


What’s in it for the company

The company can communicate given messages in a humorous context


The company can strengthen the internal relations


The company can open for creative thinking for a coming process


The company can give the employees a unique experience that links them to the company in a fun way, that they will remember for years.


The Undercover Experience furthermore contributes to the company’s own story: We have good humour. We are a different, fun and surprising work place.

Call directly at +45 33 25 34 22 to hear more or book a meeting

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